Gardens under glass

We design miniature tropical ecosystems that truly thrive in a variety of spaces. They are a way to connect with nature even in the most urban of environments.


We are a full-service terrarium design and maintenance studio


We have solutions to enhance any space


Our solutions are one-of-a-kind, fresh and creative


We offer a variety of terrarium care packages

Design - Build - Enjoy

Have a micro garden idea that you want to bring to life? Do you want to brighten up your home or workspace? Want it to look beautiful but be low maintenance? We can help! We are terrarium experts and thrive on bringing ideas to life. We want to enhance living spaces with these beautiful glass garden globes. Let us design the perfect terrarium for your space!

Terrarium Service

Our specialists will design and build the perfect terrarium for your home or business. We can make terrariums of all sizes and shapes, and we build each one specifically for you. Not only can we build it but we have plans to maintain your terrarium if you are a hands-off kind of person. Talk to us, we want to make you plant-happy!

A terrarium is a miniature garden housed within a glass-sealed container that creates a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Our story is simple and sweet

  • girl loves succulents,
  • boy loves tropical plants,
  • boy meets girl,
  • they combine their passion of plants and succulents into a small business that has blossomed into a much bigger business – terradium.

How do I know what type of terrarium is right for me?

You pick the style we make the magic happen!

Terrariums come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and house a plethora of plant types. We can custom build a terrarium to fit any area. Our goal is to enhance any space with a surprisingly delightful ecosystem. They are beautiful and easy to care for – and if you don’t want to deal with that – just let us know! We have service packages available, and we can care for your special terrarium or even swap out the designs on a recurring basis so you always have something new. Reach out to one of our specialists to learn more.

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